Asphalt Milling and Paving Project for local country club

Asphalt Milling and Paving Project for local country club

HCI Paving Solutions was recently awarded as the paving contractor on an asphalt milling and paving project on the roadway at the Country Club in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The roadway needed some preventative maintenance. It had been a couple years since anything was done on the pavement surface. One of the members of the Country Club was a property manager who had previously done business with us, so they recommended HCI Paving Solutions for the job. They gave us a call and we arrived the next day to check things out.

We evaluated the pavement and told them we would be able to mill the existing pavement and overlay with new asphalt, which was the most cost-effective option to resurface their roadway. Our shop is nearby in Edmond, OK so we told the Board of Directors we could work them into the schedule within the next couple of weeks.

Upon arrival for the project, we set our milling matching up for a depth of 2 inches. After milling the top layer of asphalt from the roadway and cleaning up the edging, we were ready for new blacktop later that week! Our paving crew was able to get in and out within one day, which helped to minimize any traffic control inconvenience to the members.

The board of the country club was very pleased with our work and said they planned to call us back with any future work! Thank you for choosing HCI Paving Solutions for your asphalt milling and paving needs!