Asphalt Paving

Serving the whole Oklahoma City area for years, HCI Paving Solutions are the trusted asphalt paving experts. We pride ourselves on using the latest asphalt technologies and high quality materials to meet all your commercial parking lot or residential driveway paving needs. We have the expertise to help local property owners with all types of asphalt paving services.

Asphalt Overlay

When a stretch of asphalt pavement such as a commercial parking lot or local roadway has several problems like cracking and potholes, you may think you need a complete asphalt replacement, but an asphalt overlay can be a great solution. Asphalt overlays involve removing debris from potholes and cracks, then adding a new layer of asphalt that uses the old paving as a base.

Rip Out/Replace

Sometimes asphalt paving is too deteriorated to allow for an overlay or patching, and it needs to be replaced. This is a more involved process that requires removing the top layer of asphalt (which can often be recycled!), grading and compacting the sub-base, pouring a new layer of hot asphalt, and then compacting and leveling it to create a new, smooth surface.

New Installation: Parking Lots & Driveways

Whether you need a commercial parking lot or a residential driveway, you can trust the professionals at HCI Paving Solutions to install new asphalt paving. Installing asphalt paving is a multi-step process that starts with grading and compacting soil to provide a super stable base. Then, contractors apply a sub-base of crushed rock or gravel and compact that as well. Then the asphalt is applied, usually while hot, to provide that smooth, black surface. 

No matter whether you need a large commercial parking lot, a beautiful residential driveway, or even a roadway, HCI Paving Solutions can help. With our experience in the Oklahoma City area and our dedication to quality work, we are the local asphalt experts. Contact us today to find your asphalt solution.