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HCI Paving is the leading asphalt paving and asphalt repair contractor in Oklahoma City (OKC) and surrounding areas. We have helped many clients (both commercial and residential) with our organized and professional asphalt and concrete paving services. We believe proper maintenance is crucial in protecting your investment, which saves you money long term, which is why we offer asphalt maintenance services to all of our new installation clients.

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  • We specialize in all aspects of concrete and asphalt, from new installations to repairs and maintenance in OKC.
  • We offer competitive pavement pricing.
  • We work quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality of work.
  • We strive to deliver a professional experience to each client.
  • We’re an honest asphalt and concrete contractor.


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How much does a load of asphalt cost in the Oklahoma City area?

Pricing for asphalt paving jobs in the OKC area can be confusing for commercial property owners, but the asphalt pros at HCI Paving Solutions have the answers. We’ve been performing top notch commercial paving services all over the greater Oklahoma City, OK area for years, and we have nurtured relationships with reliable suppliers to get you the best prices for a load of asphalt in the OKC area. Let’s break down the costs of asphalt paving for OKC area property owners.

Costs for a Full Load of Asphalt in the Oklahoma City Area

While many paving companies charge per square foot for parking lot installation and other services, it can be helpful to look at these paving costs in terms of the materials. Most paving manufacturers sell asphalt by the ton, and these costs form the basis of any commercial asphalt paving costs.

  • The national average price for one ton of asphalt is between $100 and $200.

It’s important to note, however, that one ton (or load) of asphalt covers an average of 80 square feet, if poured at 2 inches thick. Your average parking space, just one, is 180 square feet, so you’d need two tons for one space. This means that a small parking lot with only 10 parking spaces would require at least 20 tons of asphalt.

HCI Paving Solutions: Your OKC Commercial Asphalt Experts

Commercial property owners in the Oklahoma City, OK area who are worried about the costs of asphalt paving don’t need to worry with HCI Paving Solutions on their side. We take care of all the details involved in asphalt paving services so you don’t have to, and we always work with your property manager to find the best asphalt paving pricing for your commercial property. Whether you need to revamp a parking lot or get a new lot installed, we’re the ones to call.

How much is an asphalt driveway per square foot in OKC?

Oklahoma homeowners may be worried about how much it will cost for an asphalt driveway in OKC, and HCI Paving Solutions, the OKC area’s pavement experts, have you covered. We work closely with all our valued local clients, including residential homeowners, to get the best asphalt paving at the best price per square foot. Let’s look into average asphalt prices and how they’re calculated, so you can be informed for your next asphalt project.

Average Asphalt Driveway Paving Costs Per Square Foot

The national average for paving a residential driveway with asphalt is around $4,275 for the average size of 600 square feet. To break that down, it costs between $7 and $13 per square foot for asphalt driveway paving. This breaks down into $1 to $5 for the asphalt itself, $0.50 to $1 for the gravel base, and $5 to $7 for labor costs.

Factors Influencing Asphalt Driveway Prices Per Square Foot in OKC

  • Oil Prices – Asphalt is made from petroleum products, so international oil pricing will affect the price of an asphalt driveway per square foot.
  • Grading & Excavation – If your residential property needs major work done before your asphalt driveway installation, such as grading or excavating, it can increase the cost.
  • Concrete Edging or Other Services – Of course, any additional services like decorative driveway edging or concrete walkways will add additional costs, and a reputable paving company will discuss this with you up front.

The OKC Asphalt Driveway Experts

When looking for asphalt driveway paving in the greater Oklahoma City area, look no further than HCI Paving Solutions. We’re the OKC area’s leader in asphalt paving, and we always consult with our local homeowners about all pricing for the quality work we do. You’ll never have to wonder what you’re paying for or what services you’ll get. Contact us today for information about our asphalt driveway services.

What is a good price for asphalt paving in Oklahoma City, OK?

Commercial property owners in the greater Oklahoma City area my worry about getting the best price for asphalt paving, but it’s also important to find a reputable paving company like HCI Paving Solutions. We’re the leaders in commercial asphalt paving services because we consult with our clients and always maintain transparent pricing. We’ll make sure you understand what work you’re getting for your money, and our asphalt paving projects are completed on time and within budget.

Average Asphalt Paving Costs in the OKC Area

The national average for paving a parking lot in asphalt is between $2,000 and $4,000 per parking space, including installing the asphalt pavement and painting parking lines. This means that small lot with only 10 spaces would be between $20,000 and $40,000.

Factors Influencing the Price For Asphalt Paving in OKC

  • Complicated Site Preparation – If the area to be paved needs major site excavation or other work, then the price may increase for these services.
  • Material Costs – Asphalt paving is made from petroleum and other industrial products, and the price is influence by international oil costs.
  • Concrete Curbs & Aprons – Additional paving installations such as concrete walkways or curbs can also increase the price of your new asphalt parking lot.

Your OKC Asphalt Paving Leaders

If you need commercial asphalt paving services in the OKC area, you need the professionals at HCI Paving Solutions because we provide the highest quality commercial asphalt paving at the best price. We work with area property managers and owners to find the right asphalt solutions that stay within budget. If your OKC area commercial property needs an asphalt upgrade, contact us today.

Asphalt Milling and Paving Project for local country club

HCI Paving Solutions was recently awarded as the paving contractor on an asphalt milling and paving project on the roadway at the Country Club in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The roadway needed some preventative maintenance. It had been a couple years since anything was done on the pavement surface. One of the members of the Country Club was a property manager who had previously done business with us, so they recommended HCI Paving Solutions for the job. They gave us a call and we arrived the next day to check things out.

We evaluated the pavement and told them we would be able to mill the existing pavement and overlay with new asphalt, which was the most cost-effective option to resurface their roadway. Our shop is nearby in Edmond, OK so we told the Board of Directors we could work them into the schedule within the next couple of weeks.

Upon arrival for the project, we set our milling matching up for a depth of 2 inches. After milling the top layer of asphalt from the roadway and cleaning up the edging, we were ready for new blacktop later that week! Our paving crew was able to get in and out within one day, which helped to minimize any traffic control inconvenience to the members.

The board of the country club was very pleased with our work and said they planned to call us back with any future work! Thank you for choosing HCI Paving Solutions for your asphalt milling and paving needs!

Soil Stabilization and Parking lot paving project in OKC

The professional paving crew at HCI Paving Solutions had the opportunity to perform a complete pavement rebuild with soil stabilization for an 80,000 square feet office parking lot in Oklahoma City.

Last year we were contacted by a large administrative center/office complex with a request for an estimate to rip out and replace the entire lot. When we arrived on-site, we immediately noticed that the parking lot needed a complete rebuild, due to a number of potholes and alligator cracking throughout the entire parking lot.

As it turns out, the property has just recently come under new ownership and the previous owner had very little parking lot maintenance performed over the last 20 years. The new owner wanted an estimate for the parking lot rebuild and reached back out to us.

We arrived at the site the following Thursday to get started. We identified a number of soft spots in the pavement, signifying drainage issues, so after we ripped out the existing asphalt, we excavated those areas. Then we backfilled the soft spots with additional sub-base so the soft spots would not continue to persist. Soil stabilization is one of our specialties, which was another reason the company awarded the parking lot rebuild and soil stabilization job to HCI Paving Solutions.

Upon completion, the commercial property owner praised our work! The new parking lot looks fantastic! Thank you for choosing to work with HCI Paving Solutions!

Parking lot paving and repair projects in Oklahoma City

We are excited to be able to showcase our OKC asphalt paving project here. HCI Paving Solutions is proud to provide the greater Oklahoma City metro area with the following services: Asphalt Maintenance, Parking Lot Paving, Asphalt / Pothole Repair, Parking lot line striping, Soil Stabilization and Commercial Concrete!

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