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HCI Paving is the industry-leading asphalt paving and concrete contracting company in Stillwater, OK. We are a trustworthy and reliable asphalt and concrete contractor who has helped many clients with our organized and professional services. We know how important of an investment your commercial or residential asphalt or concrete investment is, so we handle it with professionalism and care.

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Things to do in Stillwater, OK

Stillwater is located in north-central Oklahoma and is sixty five miles to the northeast of OKC. It is the county seat of Payne County. The population was just over 45,600 during the 2010 census. Stillwater, OK is the tenth largest city in the state. Stillwater’s history began with the Boomer Movement when Captain William L. Couch led a caravan of Boomers across the area in 1884. They settled in tents and dugouts and named the stream Still Water and the settlement was dubbed Stillwater.

Oklahoma State University is in Stillwater. Today, Stillwater is called America’s Friendliest College Town, because visitors are often met with a welcoming spirit and friendly smiles. There are many things to see and do around town this day in age.

Visitors can learn about the history of OSU’s sports teams at the Heritage Hall Museum. From national championships, Academic All-Americans, conference champions and Olympians, there is loads of information to learn here that dates back to 1890. Admission is free and the museum is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5 pm.

Get locked in a room with your friends for 60 minutes (or less if you are cunning) at The Cypher Rooms, a thrilling escape room experience. Groups of 2 to 6 people can use their intellect together as a team to find a way out.

Enjoy nature at the Botanic Garden at OSU. This 100-acre multi-purpose facility features hundreds of varieties of plants among numerous gardens. Visitors can enjoy walking through the arboretum and stroll along the gorgeous display gardens. You can also learn how to build a more sustainable living environment!

Asphalt Repairs vs Rebuilding Your Parking Lot

As a business owner, you know how important your parking lot is to your customers and employees alike. A smooth, even parking lot is vital for visits to your business, deliveries, and parking. If your lot is aging or damaged, it can negatively affect your business and the safety of everyone who visits. But how do you know if you should completely rip out and replace or just repair your parking lot? The experts at HCI Paving Solutions can help you determine the best course of action, but let’s look at some options for damaged asphalt parking lots.

When Asphalt Repairs are best

Certain issues with a parking lot can be repaired, including cracks and ruts. Cracks appear in asphalt due to temperature changes, moisture penetration, or even tree roots growing under the surface. Cracks on the surface of a parking lot are common, but if left untreated, they can widen and deepen into the subsurface. Smaller cracks due to wear and weather can be filled with a liquid crack sealer before resurfacing, which involves pouring a new layer of asphalt over the cracked surface. Traffic and other wear can also cause ruts, or ridges, in asphalt. If your parking lot has significant cracks or other significant damage, it might be time to consider a full parking lot replacement.

When its best to rip out and replace your parking lot

The key to whether or not you should replace your whole parking lot instead of just milling and resurfacing is how deep the problems with your lot go. The subsurface of a parking lot needs to be level and even, so if their integrity is compromised, the entire lot needs to go. Subsurface problems can arise from improper initial installation, when large cracks allow water into the subsurface, or when weather causes the ground to sink or shift. If you have any of these soil stabilization problems with your parking lot, contact HCI Paving Solutions to get a detailed estimate!

Rip out and replace asphalt parking lot