commercial concrete services

commercial concrete services

We are the asphalt experts at HCI Paving Solutions, but asphalt paving isn’t all we do! We pride ourselves on providing top notch paving services in the greater Oklahoma City area, and that includes concrete services like concrete paving, curbs, gutters, and concrete stormwater runoff structures. 

What are our commercial concrete services? 

While asphalt is a very durable paving solution for commercial parking lots and residential driveways, concrete completes many paving installations with constructions like concrete sidewalks to parking bumpers. Our paving experts are fully trained in all concrete constructions, including stairs, gutters, curbs, aprons, and more. If your site experiences flooding, you need concrete storm drains and other storm runoff structures. Concrete storm structures are vital for many commercial paving applications, and these include concrete retaining walls, grated street drains, and concrete pond weirs. Whatever your concrete needs, HCI Paving Solutions can help.

How do I know that I need concrete services? 

Because it is more rigid, concrete is an excellent paving solution for structures like sidewalks, stairs, curbs, dumpster pads, and more. Whenever there is an area that requires a hard, impervious surface, concrete is the right choice. This versatile paving material also traditionally finishes off many paving constructions. For example, concrete aprons transition from a parking lot to an asphalt road, and concrete is the best material for curbs. Concrete gutters and other water runoff structures provide necessary runoff for large commercial parking lots, and concrete makes very durable parking bumpers as well.  

Our Concrete Process 

At HCI Paving Solutions, we are dedicated to providing high quality workmanship, and that starts with our machinery and products. We have the best concrete machinery on the market to serve our Oklahoma commercial clients, and we use only the highest quality products to make sure your concrete structures last for decades. Concrete is also recyclable when crushed and used as a pavement subbase, saving both the environment and money. Our paving contractors are also fully trained and licensed to provide the highest quality concrete services in the area.

What should I expect working with HCI Paving Solutions? 

As the greater Oklahoma City area’s most trusted pavement contractor, we understand that our clients are our neighbors. To provide the best concrete services in the region, we work with our valued local customers from start to finish. Working with transparency and integrity, we consult with our customers to find the best concrete solution for their property, stay communicative throughout the construction process, and ensure that we leave the site beautified and clean. If you need concrete paving solutions for your property, contact HCI Paving Solutions right away.