How much does a load of asphalt cost in the Oklahoma City area?

How much does a load of asphalt cost in the Oklahoma City area?

Pricing for asphalt paving jobs in the OKC area can be confusing for commercial property owners, but the asphalt pros at HCI Paving Solutions have the answers. We’ve been performing top notch commercial paving services all over the greater Oklahoma City, OK area for years, and we have nurtured relationships with reliable suppliers to get you the best prices for a load of asphalt in the OKC area. Let’s break down the costs of asphalt paving for OKC area property owners.

Costs for a Full Load of Asphalt in the Oklahoma City Area

While many paving companies charge per square foot for parking lot installation and other services, it can be helpful to look at these paving costs in terms of the materials. Most paving manufacturers sell asphalt by the ton, and these costs form the basis of any commercial asphalt paving costs.

  • The national average price for one ton of asphalt is between $100 and $200.

It’s important to note, however, that one ton (or load) of asphalt covers an average of 80 square feet, if poured at 2 inches thick. Your average parking space, just one, is 180 square feet, so you’d need two tons for one space. This means that a small parking lot with only 10 parking spaces would require at least 20 tons of asphalt.

HCI Paving Solutions: Your OKC Commercial Asphalt Experts

Commercial property owners in the Oklahoma City, OK area who are worried about the costs of asphalt paving don’t need to worry with HCI Paving Solutions on their side. We take care of all the details involved in asphalt paving services so you don’t have to, and we always work with your property manager to find the best asphalt paving pricing for your commercial property. Whether you need to revamp a parking lot or get a new lot installed, we’re the ones to call.