Pavement Maintenance

Pavement Maintenance

What is Pavement Maintenance?

Though asphalt pavement is very durable, things like normal wear and tear, UV rays, temperature changes, and water can break down asphalt over time. Your parking lot or driveway will last longer if a trusted asphalt contractor performs regular pavement maintenance. Depending on the issues you’re seeing in your pavement, asphalt maintenance can include different services such as crack filling and sealcoating. These services repair small fissures in the asphalt surface and seal it over with liquid asphalt to protect against further damage.

How do I know that I need pavement maintenance? 

Whether it’s a commercial parking lot or a private driveway, asphalt can be worn down by cars, weather, the sun, and temperature changes. Since asphalt is made up of a petroleum product and crushed rock aggregate, it can break down and crumble when repeatedly subject to stress. Cracks can also appear in asphalt when the two ingredients separate, and then they widen when water flows in, freezes, and then expands. Temperature changes also affect the asphalt itself because it softens in heat and becomes brittle in cold temperatures. If your asphalt driveway or parking lot has cracks, potholes, or places where the asphalt is crumbling, you need pavement maintenance.  

How is it done? 

For damaged asphalt parking lots or driveways, cracks need to be filled before any sealcoating can be laid down. First, an expert asphalt contractor will clean all the debris and dirt from the cracks, and then fill them with a hot bitumen product that melts into the crack and binds the asphalt back together. After crack filling a sealcoat can be applied, which is a liquid product made of bitumen and other proprietary chemicals that flows into tiny cracks and protects the asphalt surface from water, UV rays, and wear from tires.

What should I expect working with HCI Paving Solutions? 

While homeowners can go buy driveway crack filler from a home improvement store, only a professional asphalt contractor can ensure that pavement repair is performed properly. The asphalt experts at HCI Paving Solutions are Oklahoma’s premier paving contractors, and they have access to cutting edge tools and products to fix and maintain your driveway or parking lot. If you have pavement issues like cracks, contact us for a quote today.