Pavement Markings & Line Striping?

Pavement Markings & Line Striping


Line Striping in OKC

For a safe, beautiful asphalt parking lot, line striping and pavement markings are necessary, but clients in the greater Oklahoma City area have the most reputable and skilled asphalt professionals ready to help get their parking lot into tip top shape. HCI Paving Solutions offers a full range of parking lot services, including:

  • Line Striping

  • Pavement Markings

  • Handicap Parking Stencils

  • ADA compliant markings

  • Custom Stenciling

  • Curb Painting

When should I restripe my parking lot? 

If you have a commercial parking lot, large or small, you need to have all parking spaces clearly marked, ADA compliant painted symbols such as handicap parking spots, traffic control markings like arrows or fire lanes, or asphalt line striping for fire lanes and other symbols. Without these pavement markings, your asphalt parking lot isn’t as safe as it needs to be for your customers and employees. Pavement markings aren’t just for brand new asphalt parking lots either. If your parking lot has seen better years and has issues such as cracks or potholes, an asphalt overlay or a sealcoat can breathe new life into your pavement. After asphalt maintenance like that, you’ll need parking lot restriping as well.

How is parking lot striping done? 

There are a lot of details involved in properly painting an asphalt parking lot to comply with Oklahoma state and local municipal ordinances as well as federal ADA compliance. Our pavement experts work with our commercial property owners to plan out all their pavement painting needs, whether that’s curbs painted to mark fire lanes, parking lot stalls marked by stripes, or spaces marked for individuals with disabilities. The pavement experts at HCI Paving Solutions come in with high tech processes and the best products to make sure your parking lot is not only compliant but beautiful. We have high quality stencils, paints, and machinery to bring your parking lot up to speed.

What should I expect working with a line striping and paving contractor? 

With years of experience in the greater OKC area, HCI Paving Solutions is the most trusted pavement company by commercial and residential clients alike. Oklahoma customers who need parking lot services like maintenance, sealcoating, line striping, or