Soil Stabilization and Grading

Soil Stabilization and Grading

Durable pavement starts with a stable soil layer, and the skilled asphalt contractors at HCI Paving Solutions know how important it is to start a paving job with solid site preparation. 

What is Soil Stabilization? 

Soil Stabilization is a part of the grading process offered as a site preparation service before installing asphalt paving, whether that’s a commercial parking lot or residential driveway. Grading refers to creating a slope that allows water to run away from the paving. This important asphalt service may also involve mixing products like cement or lime into the soil to make it extra stable. 

What you need to know about soil stabilization and drainage 

Water can damage asphalt, so it’s vital that soil and other base layers have good drainage. Some properties may also have soft soil, pipes under the site, or other issues that need professional grading and site preparation services. If you have puddles, sinkholes, or lots of mud when it rains, you may need soil stabilization as well as grading to ensure water flows away from your new asphalt paving.

How is soil stabilization and grading done? 

First, the paving experts perform a thorough site evaluation to determine the correct slope and drainage. Using high quality excavation equipment, paving experts like those at HCI Paving Solutions then level off the site, possibly mixing products into the soil. Then they compact the soil using a heavy rolling machine, making sure it is properly graded. Next, they lay down a sub base of crushed rock or gravel and compact that to create a stable, well-draining sub-base for the asphalt driveway or parking lot. 

What should I expect working with a Paving Contractor? 

A lasting asphalt paving installation starts with a stable soil layer, so asphalt experts know that they have to level, compact, and stabilize soil using the highest quality equipment. At HCI Paving Solutions, we use only the latest technologies and proven processes to build a long lasting parking lot, driveway, or roadway, starting from the ground up. We are Oklahoma’s premier paving contractor because we take care of our neighbors and their property from start to finish, no matter the job.