Soil Stabilization and Parking lot paving project in OKC

Soil Stabilization and Parking lot paving project in OKC

The professional paving crew at HCI Paving Solutions had the opportunity to perform a complete pavement rebuild with soil stabilization for an 80,000 square feet office parking lot in Oklahoma City.

Last year we were contacted by a large administrative center/office complex with a request for an estimate to rip out and replace the entire lot. When we arrived on-site, we immediately noticed that the parking lot needed a complete rebuild, due to a number of potholes and alligator cracking throughout the entire parking lot.

As it turns out, the property has just recently come under new ownership and the previous owner had very little parking lot maintenance performed over the last 20 years. The new owner wanted an estimate for the parking lot rebuild and reached back out to us.

We arrived at the site the following Thursday to get started. We identified a number of soft spots in the pavement, signifying drainage issues, so after we ripped out the existing asphalt, we excavated those areas. Then we backfilled the soft spots with additional sub-base so the soft spots would not continue to persist. Soil stabilization is one of our specialties, which was another reason the company awarded the parking lot rebuild and soil stabilization job to HCI Paving Solutions.

Upon completion, the commercial property owner praised our work! The new parking lot looks fantastic! Thank you for choosing to work with HCI Paving Solutions!